Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pre-finals update

Well, I figure before I really get down to revision, I'll give anyone still keeping track of things an update!

Since that last update I've had my last choir concert for who knows how long.  It was epic!  Also my mommy and daddy were there, which was beyond awesome.  I love that it worked out that they got to see me perform in the choir, and they got to meet my choir buddies.  
Mom was in Sheffield, too about a week before that for a few days before she went to York, to meet my dad, and then I decided to go to York to see both of them.  That was fun too, and we saw some Cistercian Abbeys (Fountains and Riveaux).  At Fountains we must have walked like... 100 miles (also known as 5).  It was kind of ridiculous, but we got to see some gardens.  Fancy pantsy old English water gardens, in fact.  Well, singular garden.  It was only one.  And I met some people from Sheffield.  I had the good grace not to respond, "Oh, you're from the rich part of town" when they told me where they were from.

Really, except for it being the last month now, and everything being frantic, there's not really a whole ton going on, except for getting to see my parents, which was definitely something going on at the time!  Dad is still in England, til the 15th, but I won't get to see him again til he leaves.  It's unfortunate, but then again... I will see both my parents in about a month.  And to be honest, I'm not all that gutted that I get to stay in Sheffield and be with my friends instead of going down to London, even if I love London musicals and seeing my dad.

Dusty gets here next week.  I go to London to get her (and navigate the Underground for her) on Wednesday, which will be great fun.  I dunno what we're gonna do quite yet, really.  See, I am sure I was supposed to be planning things, but I haven't really had time and I haven't any idea what's going on after finals.  My friend from Germany might be coming to Sheffield, and if he is and I'm in the country I refuse to miss him.  I don't want to leave my flat before my flatmates do, and then I found out none of my other friends are leaving til the 20th or 21st.  So I think it shall be day trips or weekends, and not a big... travel around kind of trip.  That's probably for the best in the long run, as it's a heck of a lot cheaper.  But I'm thinkin' we'll for sure go to York, and I'm meant to go down to Chesterfield one day to see my friend Anna and she wants me to see Sherwood Forest (and Major Oak, and I want to see it too!) and there's a castle.  So I think if that works out that'd be great too.  And I'm supposed to go to Wales to see Chris, which I'm trying to figure out.  That may be an overnight one.  I don't know if we'll get to go up to Edinburgh.  I really wanted to, cause that's a totally legit castle and I promised Dusty a totally legit castle, but the one in Chesterfield looks pretty neat too.  We'll see.  It really depends on everyone else and... me getting myself organized.

I hate having to be organized.

Oh, I have been to more Ceilidhs.  Those continue to be da bomb, as it were, and I'm very sad we don't have them in the States.  I guess I'll have to settle for swing dancing or maybe some kind of folk dance (like... you know, the two-step type country stuff, if that exists anywhere) but I reckon I'll run into problems with country dances, in that kids my age don't usually ever go to them.  Actually, people within about 20 /years/ of my age don't usually go to them, and that's awkward.  And I don't do awkward, I do running-away-and-hiding-in-the-bathroom when things get awkward.

I'm gonna miss choir, too.  Who knows when I'll get to sing in a choir again for an extended amount of time?  Definitely not at UNM.  I don't have room in my class schedule for a real choir, nor, I predict, would they let me in.  They don't tend to allow non-music majors in choir at home.  And I'm not going near the Tuesday community choir with a ten foot pole because everyone in that choir sits around tittering and chattering for two hours, and my poor hardcore choir nerd personality can't take people not taking choir seriously.

Anyway, I think I will continue keeping this blog when I get back.  I may do something with it... I don't know, talk about books or random strokes of genius.  And when I get home I'm going to learn to cook (because I have all those wonderful things like blenders and ingredients readily at hand) and it will be awesome.  Got any favorite recipes?  Send 'em my way!

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