Friday, January 15, 2010

About Thanksgiving and the Christmas Party

So I'm telling you about Thanksgiving now!

The first one was at my place.  I cooked it along with my flatmate, Anneleen, and my other flatmates helped too!  But Anneleen did ALL the cutting up of various and sundry everythings.  It was A-mazing.  I made everything you'd want... sort of.  I made dressing and we had chicken instead of Turkey cause I couldn't find any turkey.  The chicken was really good.  We also had gravy, and sweet potatoes... and rolls.  The rolls were alright.  Actually they were kind of not, but that's okay because we dipped them in gravy.  And everyone who showed up had a good time!

We also had a more traditional Thanksgiving in Hull with my brother and Angie.  THAT one was fairly epic.  We had a turkey joint and ham (that Angie made) and also pumpkin pie and dressing and gravy and both kinds of potatoes.  Adam and I attempted to make the cranberry jello type stuff that has the pecans and orange juice in it, but that was BIG TIME fail.  It was SO nasty.  At least we tried.  And everything else was FANTASTIC.  We even decided we should have Yorkshire Puddings with dinner.  While not traditionally American, they are very tasty and I wish they had them here.  I ate so much I actually thought I was going to explode and that wasn't as good but everything was SO GOOD.  Oh Em Gee.  And I got to take some pie home!  It made good breakfast a couple days.  Oh and there was also this stuff Angie made that involved corn and Ritz crackers.  It was also yummy!  And his flatmate made the most incredible gravy.  OH man.  And it all tasted so much like home!

Adam and his friends and I also went to Leeds to go to the Christmas Market.  It was EPIC.  We had mulled wine and German food and they had beer and I bought Lebkuchen and we all had some of that.  And we went to a yummy place for dinner called Wagamama or something.  Adam came up with approximately 3 different names for it before the night was over.

We also had a Christmas party where we did Secret Santas in our little group in Sheffield.  And Douwe made Gluehwein (which is German mulled wine).  We handed out presents and then walked around like a lot of kids asking everyone what they got and trying to find our Santas if we didn't know.  There was much laughter and we all had so much fun seeing what we all had.  People who got amusing things found places to figure out how the worked (or in Attila's case, to play with his Rubik's Cube).  I got a little book of Dickens' Christmas stories, which has pretty gilt pages and a ribbon to keep place, and my friend Julie, who was my santa, even wrote a really nice note in the front.  I love it and I brought it home so nothing would happen to it!  It even has A Christmas Carol in it, which we watch eeeevery Christmas Eve, so it's like... double special.

I also did pub caroling, which was really fun!  I didn't get to go to the second one, because I caught a really nasty cold.  I brought the cold home with me but it went away in time for Christmas!

And I head back day after tomorrow.  I'm really not ready to go, but it's only 5 months and it will be better because I have friends waiting for me and I know where everything is and all.  It won't be so bad!  I just have to get packed, which is annoying because I'm gonna have to get my mom to ship some stuff!  :P  At least most of it is usable stuff that will NOT be coming home, or I'd be in big trouble!